Plastic Material PP Homopolymer Polypropylene

  • CAS No.: 9003-07-0
  • Type.: Industrial Grade
  • Appearance: Granular
  • Molecular Formula: C22H42O3
  • Shelf Life: --
  • Min Order Quantity: As requirements
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Polypropylene (PP Homopolymer) is non-toxic, tasteless, low density, strength, rigidity.
It is suitable for making general mechanical parts, corrosion-resistant parts and insulating parts.
Common acid and alkali organic solvents have almost no effect on it and can be used for food utensils. 
Analysis Item Quality Index Test Result Method
Colour particles,pcs/kg
Big and small particles,g/kg

SH/T 1541-2006
Melt Index(2.16kg),g/10min 33.0-41.0 37 GB/T 3682-2000
Tensile yield strength,Mpa ≥29 33.8 ASTM D638
Flexural modulus,Gpa ≥1.0 1.302 ASTM D790
Izod notched impact strength23ºC,J/m ≥14 25.7 ASTM D256
Yellow index ≤2 -4.0 ASTM E313
Ash content,% ≤0.022 0.0152 GB/T 9345.1
(1) Machinery and automobile manufacturing parts

Polypropylene can be directly manufactured or modified to manufacture parts of various machinery and equipment, such as manufacturing industrial pipes, agricultural water pipes, motor fans, and infrastructure templates. Modified polypropylene can be molded into bumpers, anti-scratch strips, car steering wheels, instrument panels and car interior decorations.

(2) Electronic and electrical industrial devices

Modified polypropylene can be used to make insulating shells of household appliances and inner tanks of washing machines, and is generally used as insulating material for wires, cables and other electrical appliances.

(3) Construction industry

Polypropylene fiber is the lightest among all chemical fibers. It has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, good chemical resistance and antimicrobial properties, and low price. It is modified with glass fiber reinforced or modified with rubber or SBS. Polypropylene is widely used to make building engineering templates. The foamed polypropylene can be used to make decorative materials.

(4) Agriculture, fishery and food industry

Polypropylene can be used to make greenhouses, mulching films, culture bottles, farm tools, fish nets, etc., and to make food turnover boxes, food bags, beverage packaging bottles, etc.

(5) Textile and printing industry.

Polypropylene is the raw material of synthetic fiber. Polypropylene fiber is widely used to make lightweight and beautiful durable textile products. The pictures printed with polypropylene materials are particularly bright, bright and beautiful.

(6) Other industries

In the chemical industry, polypropylene can be used to prepare various corrosion-resistant pipelines, storage tanks, valves, special-shaped fillers in packing towers, filter cloths, corrosion-resistant pumps and linings for corrosion-resistant containers;

In medicine, it can be used to make medical devices;

Polypropylene can also be developed and applied in the energy field through grafting, compounding and blending processes.

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